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 weight gain and relationships

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PostSubject: Re: weight gain and relationships   Sun 13 Oct 2013, 2:04 pm

Hi Juicy, it's so sad men being such shits to their partners especially after 5 years together,I think men only open their mouth to change feet at times and I just don't think they realise how cruel the things are they say. Be strong and stand up for yourself,perhaps just serve him his dinner and let him eat his on his own and have yours a bit later or before he goes home,do this until at least he gets a decent attitude, or just be right up front with him and say straight out that what you have said is really hurtful and there is no need for it.i gather you have had the band out ready to have sleeve surgery ? If you are having that done he won't have anything to be cruel about then. Look after yourself and take care.
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PostSubject: weight gain and relationships   Sun 13 Oct 2013, 12:33 pm

hey there those who are unbanded.
I have a relationship vent and would love to hear others stories..-
I have been with my current partner for 5 yrs. he met me as I was shrinking from a 12 to a 10 4 yrs post band op. over the years he has usually been supportive of me but suddenly now that I am over 100jg after having band out I am now the butt of many a joke😔
I have told him how it hurts but still he is thoughtless.
tonight because dinner (roast) was far longer than expected we decided to have a snack after deciding roast needed 2 more hours! it wasn't defrosted thoroughly...
so his snack is twice size of mine but he called me and elephant and should I be eating at all. 😳😣
I am devastated, haven't said a word, went to bed without dinner or a goodnight to him.
want to curl up and die
I told he to expect a weight gain after unbanding, and he seemed fine with that.
now I am heart broken.
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weight gain and relationships
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